I was born in 1996 in Dnipro, Ukraine. Since 2015 my basic visual language is collage.
What I find important and worthy of consideration: air, water, land and everything that we so diligently ignore by adjusting ourselves to the dictated principles; the routes and streets of established thinking; self-study and the outskirts of everything social; combination of color and shape; the idea of universal but unattainable equality.
My works are a long-running research of such topics as provincial mentality, recognition of sexuality, stereotypes, the perception of nature and all forms of interaction between people. I reflect my worldview and those human mindsets that I don’t agree with by displaying my critical thinking about life and the surroundings via collage, photography and text.

2018: Bachelor in Journalism, Oles Honchar National University

JUNE 2017 — AUGUST 2017:
exhibition «March of Merry Guys», 5-meter collage from submitted works, Artsvit Gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine

JUNE 14 — JULY 22 2018:
group exhibition «Exposure», art-space AKT (art-zavod PLATFORMA), Kiev, Ukraine

JULY 2018:
personal exhibition «Playing in the presence», The Room space (based in Artsvit Gallery), Dnipro, Ukraine

JULY 29 — AUGUST 2018:
group exhibition «27/7», art-space AKT (art-zavod PLATFORMA), Kiev, Ukraine

final exhibition of the «Fundacja» residence, Klementovice, Poland

group exhibition «How important it is to be serious», ARTpodval of Munitipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

MARCH 2019:
group exhibition «Vzayemodiя», Metaculture, Kiev, Ukraine

art residency “Fundacja”, Klementovice, Poland

OCTOBER 2017 — MARCH 2018:
lecturing a course «Collage and it’s inhabitants», Artsvit Gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine